Company profile
Founded in 1998. The Turkish construction company Galata Yapı Itd. is specialized in the renovation, restoration and reinforcement of buildings up to 200 years old, from the conceptual design to the implementation, including interior designs.

Core activity
Re-conversion into buildings for residential, commercial and public use with high guality standards.


Renovating a building by keeping its original value (restoration) and reinforcing it against earthquake risks requires a high degree of professionalism.

Renovation and Restoration - Providing a new identity which complies with modern living standards
Old buildings lack of functionality and basic living comfort, because of age, lack of maintenance, inadequate construction materials, timevvorn infrastructure, and repartition into small spaces. While old elements are kept and put into value, new space with modern living technologies is created.

Reinforcement - earthquake resistant building measures
Turkey is an earthquake prone country. Most buildings constructed before 1985 do not comply with anti-seismic construction norms. By improving the structural design of the building according to the latest anti-seismic construction norms, the structural and non-structural elements of the building are strengthened and protected against the cause of an earthquake.

Interior design - minimalist and industrial design in an old frame

İn a holistic approach of new space distribution and adaptation to new living standards. Galata Yapı Itd. offers own designed and custom-tailored solutions. İn the simplicity and roughness of materials used lies its uniqueness to contrast with the past of the building.

Area of activity
Turkey with focus on İstanbul and everyvvhere we can reach.


Galata Yapı Itd. employs on a permanent basis 3 architects, 4 engineers, 2 staff responsible for office administration and 40 craftsmen. Galatayapı distinguishes itself by not mandating sub-contractors. Main construction works are self-directed with Galatayapı’s own staff. This contributes to the accuracy of the construction vvork.

Guiding principles

• High construction quality standards
• Earthquake resistant building measures
• Use of new construction technologies
• Self-directed
• Accuracy in the implementation
• On time execution